rendlesham is a random estate near woodbridge which used to be for US air force people to live. but now they have left it is just a shitey housing estate. it used to have a mall, burger king, swimming pool, bowling alley, theatre, gym, cinema. now all its got is a costcutter and a primary skool. it is a pretty g place to live there is blood on the old angel theatre building where someone tried to punch thru the glass and there is also a wierd cult who have the specially made houses for them and these are the nicest houses in the estate. it is run by some wierd scouse kid called thomas XXXXX who lures innocent young girls off the street and mates with them. so people hav no choice but to become skanky chavs so he is not attracted to them. they normally spend their days riding bmxs thru costcutter whilst filming on phones and then a relaxing evening drinking fosters in the park or having bonfires in the whole. nearest police station is in woodbridge which is being closed down soon anyway so u can basically do wat u want in rendlesham i murdered 12 people this morning and no one minds infact i got a medal at the blue lagoon lounge bar which is the heart of rendlesham community
By: lloyd banks

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