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Well, you could say that Redruth is a small mining town in the heart of Cornwall, set around a red river and beaches. But step afoot in the town centre and you will be hit with an influx of 6 toed buck tooth Irish *******, who won’t just take you for everything you have, they’ll make you look right ***** whilst doing so. Then you have the local drunkards who gather outside Iceland and slouch against the wall almost 24/7. Huddling together sharing body-warmth, White Star and their sisters. Move slightly further down town and you will find a nice burnt out toy shop which cleverly has been broken into and is now used as a needle drop in, where crack heads can freely dump their aids ridden needles and exchange them for someone elses. Further a field again and you may be unlucky enough to find the infamous ‘close hill’ estate, which has been on the national news several times, mainly for earning the award of the first curfew for a whole estate in the country. congratulations to anyone from close hill reading this, your eight legged mother will be impressed. Back to the town centre now, and you will find the majority of people shopping/stealing/jacking up are infact eastern Europeans, which is ironic considering that everyone from Redruth hates anyone that isnt their cousin. Funnier still is the drug dealer above a charity shop. They regularly get burgled by armed gangs and never learn their lesson. Well that just about sums up this poverty driven, eastern European majority, racist, interbred gyspy community.

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