Redhill. Often talked of as

South EastSurrey

Surrey is supposed to be one of the most affluent areas in the country.
Whoever said that must of completely by-passed Redhill.

If you enter Redhill from the station then the first thing you see as you exit the station is the tacky, lurid, blue and red bus station which exhibits a wide range of *****… typically the ones who aren’t actually going anywhere but pester the people who do actually want to get out of the town to “gis us 50p mate” or “sparez a fag?”
I’ve lived in Redhill my whole life unfortunately and seen the exact extent of Redhill…
Redhill on a Saturday is market day this has to be The Worst Day to Go. They swarm the “genuine gold” stall, glaring at passers by who are not adorned with the “nickelson”, “schot” or for the girls a “play boy” or “fcuk” top.

The worst thing is, they recently banned the under 18’s harlequin nightclub due to the fact that each time it was on the town was empty except for the wails and booming yells of the *****, anyone in their right mind got out quick. Broken bottles littered the pavements, graffiti on shop windows, 6 reported muggings and countless verbal attacks happened that night.
Now they plan to re-start it. Waste of police time i say…

And the next time one of those little horrors (who are usually about 4 years younger than me) dares to shout something offensive at me, usually “dirty grunger” “f**king goth!” “oi luk its Kelly Osborne!”

(none of which are true, the last time i exhibited a Kurt Cobain t-shirt or anything in the least ‘goth’ish i was about 10)

Point being, Redhill is a dump.

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