Redhill aka Nedhill

South EastSurrey

I’ve lived here all my life and can’t wait to leave. But seeing as I’m only 13 i’m pretty much screwed. I go to school unlike most of the ***** in my town but still manage to get abuse shouted at me like “goth” dirty grunge” or “look mate it’s Kelly Osbourne” and all I can say is if i was kelly osbourne why would i live in this ******** of a town. It contains (last time I counted) A mcdonalds, burger king, Embo (embassy “rock” bar), bus stop, 5 minute trains to east croyden, a market day,the “stabbot” and favourites chicken and ribs. But all of these sound pretty bad. Right? the best placed to get mugged in redhill are probably outside the harlequin theatre on the under 18’s night, outside sainsburys or on a weekday noke drive leading to the warwick school. But If you want a proper punch-up best to go on a saturday afternoon to the back of “King Roosta!” and watch to ***** clad in burberry and nickelson fighting over a piece of plastic spray painted gold. but the only way to avoid redhill is to keep out the british ilse map section thats not purple but coloured burberry. but if you cant. think theres only 5 years until art college.

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