Well what can i say, if you want a tanning shop come to Reddish or electric beach as i call it (sock on ****). You will find the orange people and **** colour (Brilliant White) ******* around Houldsworth Square, a quaint old clock resides there with ******* baskets now replaced with(Girls) 53 foot ******* hooped earings and salford face lifts, hair scraped back that hard they resemble something from the cafe from Startreck! Mini skirts and the classic Reebok trainer. A lesson in life from there mothers who sit at home drinking WKD, then move on to the obligatory Kestrel super (a large black can with aggresive bird on it) and smoking till there lungs burst, there vaginas resemble large wizards sleeves from all the kids the pop out. (Lads) dressed from head to toe in black, tracksuit bottoms tucked in socks and huge trainers with soles that look like oil rig platforms. Can you beleive that some of these cretins as young as 10 walk around looking at you and preteng to ‘shoot’ you with there fingers! AHHHHHH From reading this site it seems there everywhere they are a stain on society they all need enticing to a large field with the title ‘Free KFC and Mcdonalds for life’ then nuke it!……………………… Ok thank you.

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