ClevelandNorth West

our local kappa slappers like to hang-out around the “gams mate” with their trackies tucked into there socks and there cheap nock-off “shlurberry” caps dangling off the back of their heads. They usually have:
a joint,
a fag or two tooked behind their ear,
stanley knife,
occasionaly a bike that they nicked from the nearest OAP.

There favourite phrases include :
“ow mate save us arf”,
“fuckin’ daft ****, what ya lookin’ at you?”,
“my cousin….”,
“our mam….”

And since a new cheap clothes shop that sells jeans and other trendy gear has recently opened, there are more ***** wearing yellow and pink nowadays than homosexuals!

The majority of ***** around the North-East are 10 – 57 and the more “hardcore” ***** are 18 – 57 these are usually the low-lives who havent worked a day in their pittyful lives and are usually seen walking around the streets trying to find a fag.

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