LancashireNorth West

For 21 years my local town, these days you get a lot less for murder. Rawtenstall is the sort of place when you tell people where you are from they say “where’s that?” (Well, do YOU know where it is?) which sums things up. Boring doesn’t do justice. When ASDA came to town all the ***** had a proper hangout with windows which made a change from the bus stops. The river Irwell actually flows through Rawtenstall faster than at any other point in its journey. Not because it is steeper and downhill, no, even the water just wants to leave town asap! Excitement comes at Christmas when it snows and the kids have something differents from bricks to throw at buses. Evenings are spent in the town centre where the pubs are so bad that the bouncers throw more people in than out of the premises. Even better still as Burnley to the north is where you go for a decent night out. I say decent as it is one of the British National Party’s strongholds. Thank god for cheap cider as without it the kids would realise where they live. I left nine years ago. Don’t miss it at all. One day I will take my kids back to show them where I grew up. I’ll keep the car windows shut and the doors locked though! If you are ever in the area…WHY???

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