…oh, and by the way, Rawtenstall is in the Rossendale Valley. If you ever wake up hungover in Rawtenstall (well you wouldn’t go there whilst awake and/or sober) and someone mentions ‘The Rossendale Way’ you may obviously assume that it means ‘pregnant teenager’. It is in fact nothing more than a well known circular walk around the hills of the area. Just wanted to clear that one up! Did you also know that UFO sightings are often reported in the area. If I lived there I’d PRAY for abduction. No one ever has been abducted though. Some people have no luck. Perhaps the aliens thought that if they landed, the space ship would be up on bricks, or nicked once they popped into a kebab shop (it would have). One final point, one local website has an interesting fact about Rossendale. ‘It doesn’t appear on any map’. Neither does Royston Vasey. See where i’m coming from?

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