Rant#3 the s******s of Stevenage

East AngliaHerefordshire

Stevenage is in the south east of England, but is like one of those northern towns where the coal pit has shut down and there’s no work for miles. Total apathy has taken over, people wonder around the town aimlessly, without any future, hope or goals. The only important thing is to dress like a c**v.

Family life in Stevenage reads like a horror story, if there is a male figure in the family then he’s beating up his girlfriend (no one gets married because that’s for posh folk). Young c***s are raised by Playstaion2 whilst their teenage mothers are arguing with their neighbours, new boyfriends or family.

These pikies are up to their eyeballs in credit card debt, obviously spent on the usual c**v attire, bling bling etc.

Rusty gold chains and no brains, newly born babies with earrings and tattoo’s are the norm, in this vile benighted town.

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