Ramsgate – repulsive and ********

KentSouth East

Sometimes i work on the market with someone i know (as a personal favour to him). Being on a friday, this market is often used as a walkway towards the nearby Clarendon House secondary school.

So anyway, one day, i was there at the stall putting things out on display at about 8 o clock, when i heard some rather loud swearing. I looked around, and just about 100 yards away from the stall, there were two groups of kids (boys and girls, looked to be aged late pre-teens to early-teens). One group weren’t particularly doing anything, just chatting amongst eachother. But the second group decided to crowd around the other smaller group, and intimidate them, by swearing, and making harsh references to their mothers.

When a few other market traders saw this, they came over to where this incident was happening, and the larger group ran away past the stall i was at. Every kid was wearing ****** trainers, and 3 were also wearing burberry caps.

How grim is your Postcode?

Maybe ***** should be banned from schools. They leech of much-needed time and resources that could be put to much better use. What good is an education when kids can only resort to mindless petty insulting?

And on another story, this happening about 2 years ago, again at ramsgate market, 3 ***** vs Me. This wasn’t a fight, but it was a quite amusing incident. 3 ***** looked about 15/16 years of age were ******* around suspiciously at the front of the stall. 1 of them looked and asked me the price of a rizla rolling machine (for cigarette-making). I had replied the same way as instructed for people who don’t look 16 or older, i told them i can’t serve them because they’re underage and we don’t particularly want any fines to come our way. So anyway, at the front of the stall they stayed. I kept an eye on them because i quite simply don’t trust any *****. 1 of them kept looking up at me, which i presumed he was doing for a reason. I turned my attention away for a moment to serve a customer, and out the corner of my eye, i noticed a hand moving towards the last of the rolling machines. So once i had served the lady, i moved swiftly from the stall, following them around the market. They were totally oblivious as to the fact i was standing directly behind them, as they laughed about how easy it was to nick it. Then, they made a comment about me, so that was that. I put my hand quite firmly on 1 of the guy’s shoulders. He turned around and his jaw dropped. I looked at them 1 by 1, and said “No, i didn’t miss that. You are *****, i hate you, the world hates you, so f*** off and die in a gutter somewhere”. I then asked him if he was going to hand me back the rolling machine, to which he’d replied “Make me”. So i did! Not being outside the market, but it being at the end of the market day, with hardly any people around besides the market traders themselves, i forced the guy to the ground without his head or any limbs hitting the ground with power. As he fell, the rolling machine slipped from his pocket, so i picked it up quickly. I told them if i ever see them around the stall again, i’ll phone the police. They’d threatened to tell the police what i’d done. So i retaliated by pointing out they’d committed the crime in the first place. Then 1 market trader, followed by several others, all pointed out they’d seen him fall to the ground. Realising nobody else would back them up, they ran away, and i haven’t seen them since.

Score one for the good guys!

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