KentSouth East

rainham is one of the many small towns in the delightful south east county of kent. this small town is divided into lots of districts e.g parkwood,wigmore,Lower Rainham and many more. each small district of rainham has is made up of its own c**v majority population. and also each district is equipt with its own place 2 hang a PARK. the sumwhat central district wich includes the luvly rainham station has its very own ondestopshop crew who hang outside the store each night smokin and shouting abuse whilst the chavettes sit also drinkin and smoking like chimneys comparing stories from last nights over-heated session with this weeks prey. As u walk around the precinct of rainham were there is a wide variety of shops varing from a number of discount stores to tescometro were most people work to make a living which isnt helpd by the cheeky shoplifting c***s who think its kool to nick pointless items that can easily b paid for and you dont hav to b smart to wrk that out so c***s you shud b able 2 do it. in conclusion if u intend to visit this pointless town of rainham i advise u 2 come n go quikly. if u are passing thru as a commuter i envy u. lol

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