rainford…home of the rich ****

MerseysideNorth West

so…rainford, where to start.
rainford used to b a nice place, very quiet an there was never ne trouble, that is until a couple  of years ago when the then 12 years olds discovered st helens an alcohol. the girls here look about 10 years older than they actually are, with tangerine like complexions an the latest “fashion” from the uber cheap girl talk. they all seem to feel the need to talk with the most rediculous liverpool accent, even though most of them hav never even shopped in liverpool, nevermind lived there. most of the 13 year old girls brag about havin slept with numerous guys that are sumtimes up to 20 years older than them, an then get confused when they end up pregnant at the age of 14, where they will then move into the local town with their druggie boyfriends, living off benefits an living in a 3 bedroomed house in parr or thatto heath. the guys are pretty much the same with their accents. guys seem to like walkin round with their hands down their pants holdin their balls, just to make sure theyr still there or sumthin, all walk around in the exact same tracksuit, usually a fake from the market.
the ***** also seem to b gettin younger an younger by the day, with children as young as 5 running round telling the elderly an their parents to **** off, an ne1 who doesnt wear trackies is a goth for sum reason, but that isnt just the 5 year olds sayin that, but ne **** that u are unfortunate to *** across.
friday an saturday nites are probably the worst out of ne day in rainford, after 4 o’clock, when they hav all *** out of school for the weekend, they all get their older friends to go buy them sum cider, wkd, an lambrini. they then congregate in the “spinney” an stay there an drink their cheap alcohol until they are close to passing out or hav become violent. after that they will then depart from the spinney an try to get on the bus in mass crowds of around 50 of them, an when they are refused admission onto the bus, then become violent with ne1 that is on the street, or more commonly the bus driver. u can usually tell when the ***** hav had a good weekend cos at least 1 of them will end up pregnant, or the next day they will b braggin to ne1 that will listen about the number of people they banged last nite, or the pieces of public property that they destroyed during their drunken rampage……
an the funniest thing about these *****…..they all come from middle class families where their parents think the sun shines out of their arseholes, an their children would never do sumthin like that, an thse “little angels” will always hav mummy an daddy to do everythin for them. so not all ***** are from working class, poor backgrounds sum are just arrogant sutpid little rich bastards who think they hav to god given right to do whatever they want just because their parents hav money an the police wont do nethin about it cos they dont want to upset the idiots who brought these ***** into this world

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