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Known locally as Sadstock or Toxic shock. Radstock began its life as a station on the GWR (great Western Railway) and was a samll market town with a couple of pubs and a post office. This was back when men were men and people had honour. Im sure there were the old town drunks and the shady charcters as there were in every town but life in Radstock was sleepy and peaceful. Move the clock forward 40 years and what you are looking at is a sprawl of human disgust that spread for at least six square miles. My recent proposal to the local goverment to use Radstock as a ‘trial town’ for national service has been warmly recieved. the only objection being the sparkling of gold chains will give away a position in the desert night. The town center is a small area where there is a old mining wheel preserved for all to see as a time of times gone by. The wheel is now used to piss on and smash bottles against. Adjacent to the Mining wheel is a pub called…wait for it…The Railway (what a clever name for a pub next to a railway) the pub is frequented by thing that resemble humans but have a closer resemblance to apes (apes wearing Burberry). outside of this area is a small collection shops including a place to buy a bicycle(very handy if you find yourself stranded on foot in Radstock) and a library wich i find puzzling because books just dont seem to be high on the list of reading material for Radstock Chavs, The Sun of course is where Radstock Chavs get their information. So on a typical saturday if you make a wrong turn and find yourself driving through Radstock you will see fat white Chavettes pushing children of the dammed to the local stores and the Chavs will be heading to the pub to watch the ‘footy’. The dress code for saturdays in Radstock is pretty strict…at least two items of clothing must display approved brand name in large lettering (see www.chavscum.co.uk for list of approved clothing) and white trainers are mandatory. Gold chains from Argos are optional but highly recomended. If you should find yourself stranded in Radstock the best exit strategy is to head towards Bath city center on the A47 road (all other towns are infected. Radstock contains a building (in it is a co-op grocery store cleverly named Radco) that was once described in a travel guide as the ugliest building in the ugliest village in England. thats all i have. Contact Edmund Dantes for vigilante action.

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