radcliffe aka shitcliff (Radcliffe on Trent)

East MidlandsNottinghamshire
radcliffe on trent is a ******** village of nottingham and is full of ***** radcliffe is devided into 2 sides 1 being relativly nice an the other being a ******** estate that u dont wanna walk through on a weekend unless u want to get beaten up and robbed by the locals since i moved here 2 months ago my house has been burgled thay took my car keys out of my house and drove off in my car my son has been robbed of his bike at the local skate park and i still see this youth on my sons bike but there is nothing i can do as the youths round here carry knifes and guns there are police that ride round on there bikes but these do not bother the youths thay simply dont care i want to move out this village as soon as i can i do not want my children growing up round here thay will be drug dealing criminals by 14

radcliffe on trent  is full of all kinds of drugs i was walking my dog and found 3 used needles on the floor i have aided a stabbed youth outside my house untill the ambulance showed up it is horrable here


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