Living in Ilkeston
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Derbyshire, East Midlands, United Kingdom

What can we say about this old market town in the south of Derbyshire that hasn’t been said already?

Ilkeston should be a wonderful little town full of traditional, working class people going about their business like anyone else.  Instead what you have is a chav-infested hole of a town full of alarmingly young teenage mothers who care more about their next sexual conquest or the text message they have just received on their mobiles, than they do about the poor child in the filthy pushchair in front of them.  Next to these frightening, cheap gold-chain-wearing pieces of filth, there will almost always be a male chav of even more frightening proportions.  With scabs around his mouth, the obligatory white tracksuit, baseball cap (some even still wear them sideways – form your own opinions!), cheap trainers, Lambert and Butler ciggies, cans of either Carling or – if the Giro hasn’t yet come – Dr Pepper and a look on his face like a buldog chewing a wasp, he looks about as far removed from humanity as you can imagine.

The typical venue for these pieces of filth is – as always – McDonalds but they are also to be seen outside any of the shops in the town hurling abuse at anyone who is black, disabled, old, young, wears glasses, has more than one brain cell, can walk upright or who doesn’t match the above description.

Ilkeston has always been a very racist town, but it has also been a hard-working, hard-playing town full of otherwise decent people who have worked all week, received their pay on a Friday and pissed it all up the wall by Saturday night.  What Ilkeston has become over the last few years is a dumping ground of low-life scumbags who have never had and will never get a job, who scrounge off the state churning out babies just fast enough to keep the Giro and the council house.  They bite the hands that feed them by ruining the lives of those poor souls (myself included) who actually go to work to pay the taxes that are then given away by this ‘wonderful’ government to these pieces of crap so that they can further increase the population of scumbags.

But, Ilkeston suffers probably most by the fact that it has possibly the worst Council in Britain.  Corrupt and useless, the Erewash Borough Council lurch from crisis to crisis, squabbling among themselves, spending money like water on importing more and more low-lifes into Ilkeston from those surrounding areas that they are trying (in vain) to ‘clean up’.

The result of all this?  Ilkeston has become – like most of Britain – a drug-infested, chav-ridden, filthy, smelly vile hell-hole of a town where it is not safe to walk the streets in daylight, never mind after dark.  Where teenaged mothers with more children than brain cells, leech off the few decent people left.  Where you can’t walk up the high street to do some shopping without being abused, vomitted on from a second floor flat window (yes, it realy has happened), having objects thrown at you orbeing knocked over by chavs on ridiculously small bikes hurtling headlong down the hill which is the main street.

If you ride the buses you run the risk of being set on fire by the children in seat behind who have just been let out of the young offenders institution otherwise called Ilkeston School (and yes, that has happened also!), or being so traumatised by the experience that you may never set foot out of the house again.

Please, I beg of you, if you have even the slightest inclination to visit this compost heap of filth and degredation called Ilkeston, DON’T.  If there is a place that can be called ‘hell on earth’, this has to be it. My partner and I long for the day when we can not only get out of this town, but this whole country and experience some civilisation again.

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  • Ed The Red

    You forgot to mention the chavs are the ones in the Derby County shirts 😉

  • Emma Foster

    I have to say the person who wrote this unfortunately only comes across as bigoted and ignorant. If he/she really believes articles like this do anything more than worsen the situation they are sorely mistaken. The situation in Ilkeston has gotten like this in part because of such foolish ignorance and small mindedness, whilst I am not going to claim Ilkeston is some kind of lovelly Derbyshire village (it clearly isn’t) comments like above only scare off the descent people that do or could live here and thus ensure the problems only get worse.

    I was born in Ilkeston I even attended Bennerley school, yet I finished that school with 11 GCSE’s all B, A or A*, have 4 A levels all C or above, a first class honours degree in science with 2 university faculty prizes, was nomiated for a national award for my dissertation and have 2 post graduate certifacates in education, biology, chemistry and physics.

    I have been teaching Physics for 10 years now and am currently finishing my first novel. I even went back to teach at Bennerley whilst doing my teacher training, had a job been available at the time I would have been happy to work there permenantly. Why? Because what those children needed was not derogatory comments about their limited future, being told they would never amount to anything because of the unfortunate circumstances they were born into through no fault of their own. What they needed were role models, people who told them that they could have a future, could achieve if they pushed themselves and did not have to fall into the same hole as apparently society expected of them. Yes maybe a large number wouldn’t care what I said or did but the thanks, suprise and appreciation from a surprisingly large number when they realised someone actually cared is something I have experienced from no other school ever since.

    When I attended Bennerley it was idiots like the one above who told me to aim for less, that I would never amount to anything, that ruined things for a large majority of my fellow students, luckily I had the self drive and self worth as well as incredibly supportive parents (both of whom have always been factory workers, when they were able to get jobs despite previous employers repeatedly going bankrupt).

    Even after going away for 4 years of university I returned to Ilkeston and live there still age 33, now with my husband origionally from wales, who has grown to also enjoy living here. So much so we plan to remain here when we move to a larger home and have no intention of moving elsewhere. In all those years I have not seen the changes described above, I’ve seen an increase in coffee shops like the nicer towns, an increase in high end stylish stores like harper and finch, a new train station bringing much needed links to elsewhere. Nicer bars and pubs all slowly being done up, now frequented by an older generation and not the 14-16 years olds that filled the town centre in my youth. Beautiful park areas that continue to win green flag awards, more and more events like the wonderfull vintage car festival which pulls a huge crowd of wonderful individuals and is a fabulous family event. The summer sounds at victoria park full of great music, families and buisnesses and even a food and drink fair at the rugby club, like those in the more popular towns like Belper also host.

    I have walked alone both at night and in the day time through almost all areas in Ilkeston since I was a child, never once have I been threatened or hurt, I have cought buses home well past midnight and found myself smiling and having peasent conversations with total strangers. In fact the only time in my life I have been affraid to walk alone at night or scared to get on a bus, was while at university in Liverpool when it was apparently the capital of culture!

    Ilkeston is not on a downward slide, it is misjudged perhaps misguided and frequently dumped on by people like the one above, yet through all that it still strives to be something better, still fills the place with flowers during the summer to enter Erewash in bloom, still has one of the largest and oldest street fairs in the country. Hosts the second oldest cinema in the country, still going stronger than ever and a place I would much rather see a film than the sterile cold big chain cinemas.

    A town is only as good or as bad as the people make it, things like this article only hurt those of us who are nothing like the image described above and endanger the improvements descent people are trying to make. What sort of people are you encouraging to live here with these statements amd worse what hope do you give to those who want to change, if this is how they are judged. I have spent my whole life being judged and looked down on because of where I grew up and lived, having to fight harder than others to get the same chances. How dare you tar an entire town with your narrow minded and small judgmental ideas, I would love to know how much you have had to work for in your life, or how hard you have had to fight?

  • Thomas William Marshall

    well said there Ilkeston needs to put laws in place to help crack down on this filty habbit 🙂

  • Calum John Miller

    I live in Ilkeston and I am a teenager. I can tell you that I am the complete opposite to what you have said in this post and it hurts my feelings a little bit when you call everyone a scumbag which isn’t true because like myself I know quite a lot of people who live in Ilkeston who are really nice people and are not this “scumbag” that you thing everyone is, so Ilkeston might be the worse place in Ilkeston with a shitty council but not everyone in Ilkeston is a scumbag.

  • Jack Bourne

    Not a fan then?

  • Anon

    If you can’t afford to leave ilkeston on a two person income how can you slate the lives of everyone else here! I’m 23 and I’ve got the money to leave whenever I like, clearly your no more intelligent than the people you so willingly slander!

  • Anon

    Really, when was the last time somebody was shot or stabbed in kirk hallam?

  • P Heathcote

    I live in Cossall, which is just far enough away from Ilkeston for it to not be a problem. I often take my children to the large Tesco in Ilkeston so they can experience for themselves what might happen to them if they don’t work hard at school. This has proven rather fruitful and has encouraged them greatly in the academic studies or end up doing their daily rob in Ikeston Tesco complete with dressing gown and slippers!

  • Carl Taylor

    I never had a real problem with ilkeston well iv never liked the place. The accent suggests the people are thick I mean ilson ffs.I can proove everything people say bad about ilkeston is true then there is kirk hallam bloody hell wat a s**t hole. Full of smack heads. Liars, slags,and iam just on about my ex who is a queen chav Derbyshire shud cut kirk hallam off the map or blow it f*****g up

  • Small minded CAVE PEOPLE

    Sad so so sad to be ignorant & small minded. Do you know the uk alone is the fastest growing place of multicultural nationalities, especially mixed race half white/half black.
    How someone chooses to conduct themselves will eventually reap rewards or punishment & God will be that final judge!!!!
    Some of you are saying Ilkeston is a lovely place but yes people here are racist as if that’s ok. UNBELIEVABLE


    I totally agree with you. All my life I have never been exposed to such ignorant, such rude and such racist people. What a shame. Hope you nationalists improve yourselves.

  • Ok can you please shut up if it’s so bad then why go here? I’m not a chav, Neither is my mum who is not a teenager and all the people who go to my school haven’t got teenage mums either and yes sometimes you get some shouting at and yes people hangout at mcdonalds but there are places much worse and Ilkeston people dnt even do bad things if anything your probably on about urself for being a chav because no one in Ilkeston (other than you) says crap about it so yep ur right there is a chav living in Ilkeston and it’s YOU! 🙂

  • Ken


  • Edd

    Sorry, but this is exaggerated. I’ve lived in Ilkeston all my life, and it isn’t that bad. Here are the parts you got right:
    The chavs dress codes.
    They do hang outside McDonalds.
    But I’m afraid most of it’s wrong. The chavs here are too cowardly to attack anybody, and they don’t hurl abuse at people outside McDonalds unless they know the person from school or something. The chavs are racist I agree but there’s hardly any other race here other than white. Please get a grip. there are plenty of sh*t holes in Britain that are far worse (E.g. St Helens, Glasgow, Manchester)

    • Carl Taylor

      Bullshit kirk hallam makes moss side look like f*****g paradise

  • kirsty

    Im sorry but i live in ilkeston and i have all my life and thats never happened to me and most of what you have saisd isnt actually true therw is chavs but they arent that bad, they are nice if you be nice to them

  • Dan

    I have lived in Ilkeston all my life and I can see exactly where you are coming from… But I’m one of the outcastes… I left ‘Ilkeston school’ with 10 GCSE’S, went on to get a qualification at college whilst working a part time job…. And I now work full time in a shop in ilkeston, and yes u get a lot of abuse from the kids and teenages that hang around outside every night in groups of 50 blatently shagging each other… Also I am 24 and I have no kids!!! I wouldn’t want to bring kids up at such a young age I am waiting until the time is right.. Not to get pregnant on a random night out when I have ‘p*ssed all my wages up the wall by Saturday’