West Midlands

Quinton is a pathetic excuse for a town and I wouldn’t be suprised if it is left out of the A-Z map to deny all existence of it.

Apart from the odd road here and there the main part of Quinton is one big long road lined with fish ‘n’ chip shops, spar or some other ***** super market, super cigs (if its still there due to the health laws) a co-op and a bakery. This is the home of the Ford Dwellings school of **** which was in the news a while back as there was a big fight between a group of single moms and the POLICE over a mobile phone!!

The only real accomplishment that can be said for this dire place is that with all their might, the local vicars have managed to stop their church from being burnt down by the lesser inhabitants that plague them.

How grim is your Postcode?

This halloween has seen this ******* ridden hole at it’s finest with little chavlings and their moms trawling up and down the long road knocking on people’s doors and begging for sweets. I mean, I haven’t really being a big fan of halloween anyway but these in-bred ******* don’t even dress up. The little ***** just tie a used bin bag around their necks as a cape and say that they are Dracula?!

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