Purbrook – need i say any more……

South West

Yonder Portsdown hill lies a quiete little sub-urban area known as Purbrook. Tis a peaceful and lovely area which is mosltly populated by old people who drive sensible cars and families who respect the communities….but there’s always a few. If you take a nice long hard look at the place you will start to notice the hinting of burberry and prison white trainers with the occasional Elizabeth Duke jewellery. They wonder around in packs (safety in numbers) and when the fuzz arrive to check out their reason for living, they all scatter like little **** and hide in the drains and up trees and in bushes down Purbrook Heath.
Sometimes the local chippie is subjected to **** terrorisation as they gather and consume their walkers crisps and beverages of white lightning. The occasional bottle is smashed but never a bobby to hear it. Nice.
If you travel to the deepest darkest parts of the Heath there is many a weed plantation to be found, reeped and smoked. Many ***** actually end up growing dandilions as they were too gullible to actually believe that they are proper marujana seeds. Typical.
The back-alleys are a place where the younger people of purbrook park school go to have a crafty *** before lessons or on the way home.
and that concludes our tour of purbrook.

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