Public-transport C***s: Spreading the problem!

Thank God that the schools have gone back following ths summer break. For the past 6 weeks I have endured the annual summer ordeal which serves to make the commuters lot even worse (Not that it is much fun anyway, but still) I am refering to, of course, school age c***s bringing their unique mix of gangsta rap & turf wars into conflict with rush hour commuters!

The daily grind of travelling into work never fills me with happy thoughts anyway, seeing as I cannot drive and prefer to catch up on sleep on the way home after a hard day of work scamming people for thier hard earned tax revenues (Working for the Inland Revenue or HMRC following Herr Blair’s recent reforms) but my daily commute from Wolverhampton to Telford Central is always worse during the school break as young P Diddy & 50 Cent wanna-be w*****s ruin my peaceful journey home (Although the journey to work at 7:35 is fine as c**v’s obviously don’t rise until at least 10:00 in the morning)

These young c**v idiots seem to revel in spending their school holliday’s hasteling shoppers in Telford Shopping Centre until about 16:30 (Generally buying little if anything) and then stagering down to the railway and going home. Most workers wait patiently as the train approaches and allow those departing at Telford to leave the train before climbing aboard. this seems to be beyond c***s however, who barge past those waiting & departing and taking the few available seats (Why do train companies put smaller trains on during the rush-hour & larger trains during the day when no-body wishes to use them?) If you are lucky enough to get a seat, the chances of a pleasant journey are limited, as the train is often strewn with the litter of c***s who have already departed the train or the seat covers are slashed and ripped by these malnourished numpties! Then, sit and gaze in amazement as these idiots go through their staggering range of ring tones and rap/hiphop/dance music downloads. Then the guard will come and demand the tickets and fairs, which of course these pillocks will not have so we can laugh as they argue the toss before being chucked off the train! i once actually saw 3 burley passengers help the guard throw a gang of teen c***s off the train at  Shifnal for not having the fair! (How we laughed!) I recently saw on the local news that an elderly woman sued Central Trains after her neck got trapped in the sliding train doors at Central station, what a shame it wasn’t a baseball cap wearing idiot!

Of course buses are no better, most of them are a no go area on the top deck as c***s smoke weed, drink piss poor cider and try to act hard by walking in that stupid c**v fashion as if they have a vibrator up their arses! I was once on a bus when 2 c***s (About 13 years old) were thrown off for smoking to which they shouted “You fookin knob, why aint you givin me no repect clart?” I wonder why!!! Other incidents include 2 mini-c**v 10 year olds trying to set alight a bus seat and an incident reported in a local newspaper where a c**v had removed an old bench seat cushion from the top deck and thrown in out the back (Emergency Exit) window.  Seems to me the only problem is to bring back bus conductors but also to arm them with uzi-machineguns & metal truncheons!

Of course it isn’t just the transport that is the problem, but also the stations! Ever tried to catch a bus after 19:00? I was waiting for the bus from my house to Wolverhampton last week to watch the Wolves v Derby fixture at Molineux, every stop on the root seemed to contain cider drinking c***s (Most people would go for a meal or something similar for a night out, not c***s though, a bottle of White Lightning, a few fags and hurling some abuse at passers by is a good night out!) As for railway stations, why are they such a magnet for baseball cap wearing teen idiots to sit outside on their bikes all day?

Now prehaps Tony Blair will see the real reason the people of Britain wont give up their cars for Public Transport!

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