Prospect Street, Hull

North EastYorkshire

May I be so bold as to nominate the chaviest street in the UK? If so, I think that title should unreservedly go to Prospect Street in the notorious c**v blackspot of Kingston upon Hull. Located in the hideous heavily bombed nothern half of Hull city centre, Prospect St stretches from the DSS offices at Britannia House to the junk food emporium of Maccy D’s on the corner of Jameson Street. Clearly two high order c**v institions in their own right. In between lies a dismal procession of pound shops, run down junk food eateries and discount sports shops. Half way along this pig ugly axis, lies Hull’s very own version of Harvey Nicks, better known as Sports Soccer. This vast store, specialising in only the nastiest chavwear, clothes a good 50% of the cities population and has a turnover greater than most small African nations. Just across the road from here lie Poundland, Jack Fultons, Farm foods and numerous other dreary shops selling dried crap, frozen s***e, contaminated vegetables and condemned meat. All you could want to make a horrid, unpallatable meal for the bairns, all for under a quid! Walk a bit further up the street, in a macho fashion (as if carrying a roll of carpet under each arm) and you reach the bus stops where the hoardes of c***s from Bransholme, Orchard Park and Woodcock St are disgorged. Conveniently these are situated right next to Burger King and directly across the road from Woolworths with it’s limitless shop lifting oportunities. Finally this unlovely avenue culminates at the chaviest of c**v icons, McDonalds. Not only does this evil multinational provide a staple diet for many thousands of Hull c***s, but it’s also were generations of scallies and scallettes meet and procreate. If that’s not enough to convince you of the chavishness of this decidedly down market street, it’s also home to Hull’s premier clap clinic, 2 branches of Cash Converters, a Kwik Save, Clair’s Accesories and even one of those dodgy loan shark shops flogging plasma TV’s to c***s at Mafia style interest rates. I guarantee, walk down Prospect Steet any day of the week and you’ll see more saggy leggings, kappa shellsuits and Burberry baseball caps that you can shake a shitty stick at.

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