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billed as haven’s hot spot in yorkshire,but its actually just a chav magnet for scotland {neds to us scots}.

the place is nicely situated being 2-3 hrs drive from edinburgh / glasgow so the chavs in thier novas / escorts can actually make it there without breaking down, once on site they can revel in the overcrowded cespit that proports to be a holiday village, you are provided with a map that has no resemblence to the actual layout of the place with tiny road like surfaces mainly populated by the trakky wearing pram pushers smoking fags while shouting at burberry wearing pissheads on thier way to the funworks entertainment center for more alcohol.

when they get past the security {usually half cut fag smoking fat bastards who are eyeing up the trakky moms} they make for the bingo while leaving 3-4 of thier brood to run amok in the arcade until the parents {or at least the people who brought them to the site} stumble out of the place pissed as newts ready to have an argument on the way back to the caravan {thus waking everyone else up}. once back to the HOME they blast out shite on the stereo until 2-3 am then they collapse and get some sleep until 3-4 the next day.

shechav will then sit in the overcrowded / not working laundromat smoking fags and children running about until its time to go back to funworks and start it all again.

posh chavs will book a lodge {these resemble 60’s concrete council boxes and invariabley stink of piss} but you do get to park your nova outside!

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