Pretend **** Town of Rawtenstall

LancashireNorth West

Welcome to the “pretend” **** town of Rawtenstall in Lancashire..Here we have crowds of teenagers who think they are the real deal but,in reality,would **** themselves if thrown into Manchester and introduced to real *****.
They annoy all the innocent,if not very nieve,locals by shouting comments such as”suck my ****” regardless of how many childrens ears are nearby and low and behold you challange them! They will soon have there posey from the local village of Crawshawbooth(meant to be an affluant area….more like an ****** farmyard)

These narrowminded,thick villagers hold a grudge forever and if you challange one then you have to face “the whole ****** family” e.g x’s mum slept with y’s ┬ábrother and produced some horric offspring who now thinks they own the place as they are 15 and smoke weed.
You will be chased away with fire torches like in the 1800’s!
EVERYBODY knows about it,then-god forbid- you have the round of teenager’s harrasing you at the local shop.(Nothing better to do in this ****** lil place though!)

If you check out the local paper thy have articles such as”CAT STUCK UP TREE” or”WHEELIE BIN STOLEN” on the front page. They even print the mobile numbers of the local police just incase,heaven help you, your wing-mirror is damaged in some big,thought out vendetta(that is how hard our ***** are)

Not forgetting to mention all the fat,flabby ******* **** birds. Can be found in the Queens pub being fingered in the bogs or “livin it up” in a tacky Burnley nightclub(where the ***** are only slightly more streetwise and more than likely on smack), then telling their **** mates they might be pregnant(high mentality around here folks!)

So,to all you real *****,please visit Rawtenstall and Crawshawbooth and show em how it’s done!

Thank you and goodnight

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