Portsmouth – just gets better!

There’s already a few entries about my joyous, beautiful and not-at-all grimy hometown on here, but i think its important to draw attention to one vital aspect of extreme ****-dom that no-one else has…pompey dots! Not micro dots or polka dots oh no. Pompey dots are what the mainly male (but some female) ***** in Portsmouth get to declare their a) hardness b) love for Pompey football club and/or c) love of Portsmouth itself.

The manifest themselves as 3 tiny dot tattoos in the shape of a triangle, which either adorn the hand, on the top, in the bit between thumb and first finger, or are attractively tattooed onto the cheek of said ****, usually under the eye.

As you can probably guess, pompey dots look extremely stupid, especially in the cheap green/black ink favoured by the tattooists that specialise in them. Also, if you’re so hard…why don’t you get a massive tattoo instead of three pathetic little dots? Another unanswered question in the universe of chavdom to ponder over!

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