South West

Portchy is a small town on the outskirts of Portsmouth in between Fareham which is full of little ***** ***** who think they are hard but when it comes down to it cry to mummy and Paulsgrove which is full of ****** ***** “grovers” who will thieve any car that has 4 wheels and love to fight (ONLY WHEN TOOLED UP AND IN GANGS OF MORE THAN 10), so in between you have a place where the ***** hate anyone either side of their territory.

Places where they hang out smashin all property and other ***** they can find are the commy (community centre) the shopping precinct or the 24hr petrol station.

Their are five pubs in Portchy but one stands out as having a major **** presence The White Hart on some friday and saturday nights it has an average age of about 15 and pot smoking facillities in the garden and has had about 10 different landlords in the last year. Another weekly past time is to do beer runs from all the local shops which means putting your burberry hoods and scarfs up and running in and out with has many crates of lager as you can carry.

One recomendation if your not from the area and are planning a visit dont walk the streets after dark on a friday or saturday night as you are likely to be attacked or robbed by swarms of youngsters wearin burberry outfits and stone island jackets on E’S.

Anyone from around the area that reads the local paper will have seen that any of the ***** caught in gangs of more than three in certain areas by the old bill will be seperated or if under the age of 16 taken home, but they have just moved on to different places to gurn the night away THEY CANNOT BE STOPPED!

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