Poole, The Town of Rich Folk & C**v’s

DorsetSouth West

Poole, Poised on a particularly beautiful peninsula overlooking the Purbecks. Conjuring up a representation of peace and tranquillity to the unknowing. Ostensibly the locale of the rich and famous with the most expensive real estate in the Country.

Deep in the heart of Dorset, trouble is brewing. The rich are getting extremely irritated and the good people are constantly looking over their shoulders. The C**v’s have invaded.

Meandering around Town dressed in what I can only describe as travelling circus attire they strut their stuff like plumped up peacocks. Only they aren’t a thing of beauty; merely a thing of abhorrence.

Let’s look closer at the boys. I say boys because that is what they are. Young males marking their territory like a litter of wild kittens playing big cat games. Only in the human world, there is no need for such displays for we are fortunate enough to be educated, clothed and fed by other intelligent life forms. Or not as it seems.

Tracksuits galore with a baseball cap, preferably of the Burberry kind – what a terrible thing to happen to such a great label. Trainers – the more expensive the better and adorned with jewellery from Argos. What an atrocity to meet in the streets.

Speaking in a dialect reminiscent of American rappers and writing skills of a baboon.

The girls? Oh dear! Looking more like cheap prostitutes. Midriffs on show which is usually of a large unattractive flabbiness akin to a soggy bread pudding. Looking more like a slapper than dapper. Huge cacker (g**o) earrings and huge gobs to match. What ever happened to pretty femininity?

The behaviour of these groups resembles the anarchy displayed by the skinheads and punks in the 70’s. At least the prats of the 80’s in all their ridiculous clothes and makeup steered away from violence but sadly were often at the receiving end of it.

C**v’s seem intent on upsetting their peers and anyone else in the vicinity. Getting pissed is a number one priority and if they can have a fight for desert, all the better. It’s all about pecking order isn’t it, and they all want to be top dogs. No different to any other youth culture is it.

Of course, parents of these offspring are probably an adult form of c**v. Thieving bastards without a forethought for anyone except them selves. These people are the scourge of the earth and should be extinguished forthwith.

What to do? Develop a variety of controlled hangouts for these kids, so they have somewhere to go and somewhere to feel they belong. To be shown that gratitude pays dividends and that chavism just shows you to be nothing more than a silly c**t (can I say that word?) To be respected follows your own respect of the very same thing.

Yours in snobbery,

Soulgirl x

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