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Hamworthy is a small town which can be found next to Poole,where you will find Sandbanks peninsular,canford cliffs a wealth of historical sites to please the eye AND the best beaches in the south.But we’re not talking about Poole.This is Hamworthy…….. Generally the place is ok.lived here more than i thought i would, (that’s because we can’t afford to move).Used to be ok until the homeless one parent handout brigade decided it was in their best interest to come to my town. The Chav’s in H’worthy hang around the co-op opposite the british legion.Beware there is a cash point machine there so usually you get quite a few chavs ‘angin’. Probably waiting for some free cash handouts,as that’s all they know.’innit’!!! Here’s a quick joke:How do you know a male chav’s got a job?

Easy,look at his hands see if you can spot oil.The’re all mechanic’s arn’t they?

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