Poole, Dorset

Well, this beautiful town that i live in is very nice if you ignore the *****. Popular names like ‘townie’ are popular here but we like to call ’em pikies and ***** too. We have some of the highest concentration of ***** here. Certain nice destinations like the leisure complex Tower Park are turned into ******** zones by the invasion on Saturday night. The beach is no longer safe after 9pm as the ‘sweep’ comes. Bats and “old hitty” (MKII) are recomended.
I watched Burger King burn down, which was rather funny, but i knew it was *****. Not just that but they are 10-year-olds. I’ve been all over the country and i have NEVER met any softer ***** than here. The ***** here are sexually frustated social rejects that wouldn’t look twice at you if they were on their own.
Basically, the ***** here aren’t just *****, they’re ***** that really suck.
Most likely to see them at the bus station or down the Bournemouth end of the beach after 9pm. Also seen regualry at Tower Park and ******* around outside Kwik Save.

utter *******.

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