Poole, Dorset

DorsetSouth West

Well, this beautiful town that i live in is very nice if you ignore the chavs. Popular names like ‘townie’ are popular here but we like to call ’em pikies and chavs too. We have some of the highest concentration of chavs here. Certain nice destinations like the leisure complex Tower Park are turned into dickhead zones by the invasion on Saturday night. The beach is no longer safe after 9pm as the ‘sweep’ comes. Bats and “old hitty” (MKII) are recomended.
I watched Burger King burn down, which was rather funny, but i knew it was chavs. Not just that but they are 10-year-olds. I’ve been all over the country and i have NEVER met any softer chavs than here. The chavs here are sexually frustated social rejects that wouldn’t look twice at you if they were on their own.
Basically, the chavs here aren’t just chavs, they’re chavs that really suck.
Most likely to see them at the bus station or down the Bournemouth end of the beach after 9pm. Also seen regualry at Tower Park and hanging around outside Kwik Save.

utter tossers.

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