Poole, Dorset

I no a lot of the ***** in poole an I absolutely hate them. I can hardly go in to poole because of them without being on my guard an going into poole on my own is an absolutely crazy idea. because I seemed to upset them by hitting one of there mates (I was defending myself becaue one of them randomly started on me suprisingly almost on his own and oviously drunk) but anyway just because I am 2 years older than him (I dont think they know the meaning of self defence) I have the whole **** population of poole wanting to **** me especialy one called danny who wants to “break my jaw” (this is what he says to me every time I see him) and another who has had it in for me since i moved here and broke my nose when i was seven (completely unprovoked) I have done absolutely nothing to upset them they just dont like me. All I want to do is go out with my mates and ride my bike I look foward to the time when they are in prison and I dont have to worry. they recently had the chance to “****” me but the main man chadwick took the chance or rather forced the chance to go on my mates ped (underaged un licenced and un insured) by the time he got back (after going through the seatbox) all his mates had gone off to but ther cider so outnumbered he walked of without saying a word which is a suprise because every othertime he has seen me he has always hit me.
they spend a lot of time around hamworthy, turlin moor, the quay amusments and the bus station to name just a few. They usualy go around in big groups and like most ***** will only give you trouble if they outnumber you and your freinds, they are especialy violent in the presence of girls because thir idea of impressing a girls is to randomly hit someone weaker than them. The girls are just as bad and will start on any girls that you are with for no reason just as the ***** do exept defending any of the girls being started on will create a lot of problems for yourself. If any of these ***** start on you I have found out that self defence is never an option because that will only result in more ***** after you.

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