Poole, Dorset

DorsetSouth West

A lot of chavs can be spotted roaming about in nearby “sunny” Bournemouth but a great deal of them don’t live there and only visit with the aid of a bus or a stolen car.

The council are desperatley trying to make Poole Quay upmarket (the super-expensive Sandbanks is just up the road) but the further you get into the town centre the harder it becomes to navigate through the hordes of pushchair-wielding single mums and baseball-cap wearing thickos.

I don’t have any actual statistics to hand, but I’d imagine Poole and the surrounding areas have the highest concentraion of chavs in the whole of Dorset. Of particular note is Turlin Moor, a rough-as-f**k housing estate where you’re unable to walk 10-feet without hearing 2-Pac blasting out of a stolen stereo.

McDonalds is ever present and a shopping centre (a chave hot spot) contains a branch of JJB sports. A little further outside town is Tower Park – it was originally intended to be an “Entertainment Complex” put almost everything bar the UCI Cinema has closed down and the place is overrun by chavs on Friday and Saturday nights. They do have a KFC but the Burger King was burned down in mysterious circumstances several months ago.

They are now in the process of building an Asda a minutes walk from the town centre which will no doubt encourage more chavs to flock into Poole.

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