Poole (Dorset)

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Poole- The So called Beautiful Place! (Not)!
Here is an insight to a day and Night in Poole, for those that have cars you are always held up by bling ***** that think its cool to drive like knobs and for those that dont then you have to use the Chavtransporter-(The Bus) which i hate to say is full of them, they sit there and talk about absolute **** and then decide to terrify the elderley! Amongst these ***** and who are ***** are the 15yr old single mums who shop all day with taxpayers money instead of being the mature people they are meant to be.
Shops include Wilkinson, breeding ground for ***** in the not so famous Dolphin Shopping centre and then there is the dingy so called Restaurant Clipper which is a ********!
Stepping onto the highstreet you Pass ***** that stand there with cans of Stella and spitting everywhere,you pass the Gypsey Women selling Heather and when you politly say no they begin to get violent.
If you park in the carparks always take the lifts as they smell offensively of Urine!!
Passing Mcdonalds,Burger King,Wimpey and KFC you see all of them sitting in there causing extreme Chaos.
It begins to get dark now, Ready for an evening out? or Not so sure? well you could start in Yates on the high street where all the bar staff are **** tarts and the Manager is a Slime Ball-King Of the *****, He welcomes them with open arms! Pretending to be God! well he is god of all *******!
Moving on down the dirty high street you are passing 12yr olds dressed like wannabee tottys.
Turning onto the Quay you have a choice of Going into Oyster Quay which is run by a bigheaded Fat Man who is Pimping his Bar Staff and the over priced drinks are just a laugh.
You can then stroll into The Jolly Sailor and mingle with the Rough end of society.

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