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Pontycymmer, well Pontycymmer is nothing, it means absolutely nothing to anyone
It is a boring s**t whole with little weird chavs roaming everywhere shoutin”oh butt yu fuckin muppet” at passers by. I think the council just basically forgot about this utter place, the only thing they did do to this Fuckin place is build a giant spar shop, totally un needed, I mean hey it even came with a cash machine which I’m not really too sure about because when u go to bloody use it, some little bunch of 3ft orks try and look over your blummin shoulder to catch a glimse of your pin number, and sometimes make a feeble attemt at nickin your card shouting “Look at me fuckin butt, I’m a fuckin tough fuckin guy tryin to fuckin nick someones fuckin credit fuckin card ya muppet!”
And the car park, well most of the time, its just gangs of little beasts riding around on push bikes shouting insults at everyone and nearly gettin wasted by some t****r in a ford escort with a totally terrible paint job and a ridiculously rubish coloured spoiler, in one hand a pint of super strong lager and in the other a fag and obviously the typical “boy racer” has to wear some cheap bling he bought in argos.
The slags just go round the back to give some skin head a blowjob so she can get the money for another pack of fags.
The main attraction to chavs in the valley though is the bus stop, the council thought it was a fuckin great idea to make a glass bus stop, this lasted about a week before it was obliterated, pissed in by dirty drunk old men who just been in the squirrel pub for a pint, its been used as playpen for chavs who wanna get pregnant by the age of 12 and its used as a meeting point for the chav community who meet there to do somesort of dance (I once saw this and trust me, they look like a bunch of thick apes) and try and impress a chavess (most of the girls are either so thin, you could snap them like a pencil or either morbidly obese wearing tight mini skirts and too much makeup) I once even saw a car there playin dance music which almost looked and sounded like it was made of subwoofer speakers, What is the world coming to.
The thing with these chavs is that they think they are the best, tough men ever, well cant exactly call them men, their mostly just ogres but their so full of emselves when really they are the lowest scumonic peices of s**t you can get, the best part of them was the brown stain on the mattress left on their mummas bed from when they were born.
If everyone was a chav, no one would work, the next generation would be incompitant fools, and I seriously think south wales is starting to turn to chaos…..

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