Police, *****, Booze and Posh Bramhall

The posh and expensive village of bramhall has been taken over by an army of *****. the usually quite and “law abiding” town which has some of the richest people in Engand living in has recently been host to huge amounts of ***** and huge amounts of police! These ***** have been going out every night getting stoned and drunk then causing huge amounts of vandilism to the local area. The Hangouts.

1-In the village of bramhall about 6 months ago there was a tesco express shop/petrol station was built. even though many of the villagers protested as the shop would put many other small shops out of buisness. But more to the point this is the new hang out of The Great Army of the *****. They hang around here intimidating the older portion of bramhall and then going inside the shop were one spotty teenager dusnt have any power to tel them to leave!!! so he rings the police!!! by the time they arrive after finishin the six pac of donuts and there pint of larger the ***** have legged it of to the next hangout for some more havoc taking wiv them the beer theyve jus nicked from the Tesco!!!

2 – the Co-op is one of the handyist shops around for the people that live around dairyground shops but not only do the residants love it but so do 50 *****. surprise surprise they get drunk and stoned then damage the shops and then the area. Once again the police are called and two riot vans come down but this time after there tenth donut of the night to everyones shock theyve legged it and all the police can do is buy a six-pack from the co-op and bk of to the station. one night after seing a **** smashig the hell out of the shop with a hammer later on that night a tree very close to me was set alight and this time the police didnt bother to come but left it to the fire-fighters who did a very good job becos this tree was rite next to a house!!! so wot left to do at 2 in da mornin after terrorisin most of Bramhall Village wel they need somewhere to “smash up” and then run and hide from the police in there very expensive nike trainers funded by the goverment!!! mmmmmm let me think! o yeh bramhall Park.

How grim is your Postcode?

3 – Late at night or early in the mornin the ***** have fun messin around drinkin vodka, cider, setin trees alight, stonin cars and other very “fun” activities involvin the previos they have not only broken into the bridge lane shops and ran of with loads of fireworks but the clothes shop next to it have had 13 windows put through with bricks and guess were the ***** went! wait for it… Bramhall Park!!! Police come 20 minutes after once again and theyve legged it once again.

So there u have it u now exactly whats goin on in the posh area of bramhall. After nights of vandilismand crime the police turn up 10-20 minutes late and by that time the ***** have commited another crime a mile down the road. Maybe if this peice of writing i have spent half an hour  found its way to the police station they could mayb put two police officers in each one of these location and the mayb have two more police men with a dog patrolin da rest of bramhall. oK i’m sure the police would argue that 8 police officers and a dog are usless in bramhall as they could be used in such places as stockport town centre and extremly chavish areas such as adswood but all it would take in bramhall is those 8 officers and a dog instead of getin two riot vans which when they turn up have wasted there time. 
for now that is all i cn tell u about the prestiege villige in the heart of cheshire that has turned into a smaller version of Moss Side. 
And i do hope that a police officer is geting promoted for reducing crime by 100% as he used those 8 police officers to stop an army of 50 *****.

Yours in Chavish Hatred 

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