Plymouth, Devon

DevonSouth West

Where can I start? Girls with huge bellies wearing cropped tops, pram pushing 12 year olds, young lads with blonde curtain hair smoking bnh’s…most chav’s drive up Royal Parade in their kevved up motors, mostly Nova’s, with fat exhausts, blaring out chav anthems and horrific cheesy ‘dance’ music. I cannot believe that no-one has posted Plymouth on this site before now!!

Clubbing in Plymouth is horrendous – chav’s everywhere, lolling around in KFC, drunk on Aftershock, after the clubs: the food there is cooked by teenage chav’s who have little regard for hygiene. Avoid at all costs, it’s hideous, and I only live here ‘cos my job is here.

These people are the scum, I mean, I’m broke, but I don’t dress or act like a chav! When I first moved here I couldn’t understand the accent of the most broad – the chav’s here sound like they’re from a different country! Every other word is a swear word and people get pregnant here age 10, normally by their uncle or something.

Most chav’s are from a place called SWILLY! I kid you not, an area called SWILLY! Re-named North Prospect, doesn’t make it any better, someone just commented that the West side is like Beruit!.this makes me sound like a snob, but I don’t really care. Chav’s are scum!

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