Plymouth (A tourists opinion)

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We were driving down to Cornwall for a surfing weekend and made the bad decision of stopping at Plymouth for abit of shopping and a bite to eat to break the journey up abit.

We soon realised why Plymouth is well known for being one of the UK’s most poorest cities. Every step we took we ended up treading on rubbish or chewing gum and not to mention cigerette ends.

We were surrounded by ********* with pockets full of stolen goods fresh from Claires Accessories. Hair scraped back so tightly that they will never have the chance to get wrinkles, they clack across the city in their highheels searching for shops without cameras and security tags.

Strolling through what can only be described as a market you can’t help but notice all the fake goods they sell, if its not fake burberry its white plastic boots ”*** look at da bootz, genuin leva, roll up ladeez”

After the horror of shopping in Plymouth we thought we would go somewhere with possibly less *****, the ice skating rink. We were wrong. It was like stepping into shellsuit land, all the ***** had there best sports clothes on to skate in, impressing their ‘cool’ ****** friends. We left pretty much straight away in the worry that our valubles wouldn’t be as safe in the lockers provided as we thought.

We were only in Plymouth for a couple of hours, and would NEVER go there again through choice. Do yourselves a favour, warn your friends…Don’t go to Plymouth! And if you do, don’t take anything valuble unless you want to see it being sold two days later at the market.

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