This is ***** central, you can’t go three paces without bumping into a thirteen year old, pushing a buggie, dripping in gold clown pendands with slicked down hair, fake burberry and a pink velour tracksuit, accessorised with three identical pairs of gold door-knocker earrings.
The ***** can usually be found shoplifting in Somerfield Plumstead Highstreet, or strutting about Woolwich market, purchasing fake Von Dutch, Burberry and Nickleson clothing items, along with their dodgy fake Nokia phone fascias with their keys on a Nike string around their neck – a new ***** fashion craze sweeping the nation.
McDonalds on Powis Street is another prime spotting place, especially after hours, where you will see at least four customised Corsas parked outside. Also Star Burger, PoundLand, Game or Carphone Warehouse.
No self respecting **** of SE18 would be seen without their classic ***** fashion accessories. Fake Burberry is a must, and fake Von Dutch is becoming very hot on the ***** scene. This season, boys can be seen wearing the obligatory Reebok Classics, soverign rings, gold chains, nickleson tops with inverted collar, addidas three stripe tracksuit bottoms, or alternatively moschino drain pipe trousers for a night out combined with a ben sherman shirt and loafers with no socks.
The ladies are looking **** in the Jo-Lo velour tracksuit, or alternatively a look similar to boys daytime, but accessorised with a fake burberry handbag, slicked down hair and a side pony-tail, orange perma-tan, acrylic nails, and rolled up tracksuit bottoms and flat dolly shoes. For girls nights out, crappy ponchos from Woolwich market is a must, in pink or green only, a fashion craze.

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