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so im a teenage girl from plumstead and the place is OVERUN by chavs and i hate them so much! when i walk past they they say “OI PENG TING” there all f**king idios with there air forces and blackberrys the place has loads of chavs that come down from woolwich another chavvy place that you might of heard about from the riots and it was trashed, over half of the plustead teengae population have asbo’s yesterday i saw a little boy saying c**t to his own mum, she was a scratty thing with no teeth, i hate living here so much, enev in the girls school i go to is over run by chavs and skets that cant keep there legs closed for more then 5 mins and the boys school is a state, shotting weed and charlie getting in fights, and the worse part is the f**king gay police do nothing about it -_- chavs are animals who should be locked up some place far away, plumstead was never like this, now all we are known for are gang wars, should not be like that.

By: moneese

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