Pewsey: see the townies in their kevved-up Fiat Puntos by the Co-op

Even in the middle of nowhere, Pewsey isn’t even a town. It’s a large village, and you probably have never even heard of it. Nevertheless, come nighttime, the local townies (don’t they realise they are in the countryside??!!) can be found in the bus stop (there’s only one) or by the Co-op (thats the only ‘supermarket’) ******* around in their kevved-up Fiat Puntos which have been lowered so much they will bottom out as soon as they get to a country lane (of which there are many).

Pewsey has probably been infected by nearby Swindon, which recently released 3 people to the Pewsey Vale to buy my old battered Corsa from me (yes I am ashamed, but it was a cheap runabout) and spend hundreds fixing up the bodywork despite the fact the engine sounded like it had drunk too much white lightning and was about to yak up.

I hope the Chavlette was proud to drive that old banger after they’d spent all their parents money making it look “wikkidinit”.

Pewsey – there is hope, I think, but it depends on whether the country bumpkins can breed as quick!