Living in Peterborough
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Cambridgeshire, East Anglia

So where do I start? There is so much to say about this hellhole. I lived there for a couple of years and my god, the day I left was one of the happiest ever. I got out asap.

If your looking for a lovely atmosphere, culture, lots to do, nice people, opportunity and basically a fun good life, then this place is not for you. I have never ever met people like these. Your average Peterborian is something special. F*ck they are weird. They have spent their entire lives living in Peterborough and to them there is nothing else outside of it, it’s great. It is the be all and end all.

They are without doubt some of the most aggressive, miserable, backwards, negative people I have ever come across. We were made to feel about as welcome as a turd in a swimming pool when we moved there. I like to think we are nice people who do make an effort with others, but there was no way with this lot. If you’re not born and bred in Peterborough, expect to be looked at as a weird outsider.

They have very much a “who the f*ck do they think they are” attitude and they do not like successful open minded people, they like it all to be a bit s**t…….”mustn’t grumble” etc. The atmosphere in Peterborough is draining. You feel totally isolated from the rest of the world and life in general, as though everything else is going on and you’re not part of it as you’re stuck in this dump. There is no hope. It’s a dead end existence.

There is nothing to do unless you like shopping in s**t stores and drinking in awful pubs which you would never put a foot in. Also if you like crap live music then you’re on a winner here. If you want to see some art or watch a play etc, forget it. Oh and be careful not to make eye contact with anyone especially your average Peterborough male as you can expect a load of abuse and even confrontation from these neanderthals. They see anyone slightly different or positive as a threat to their shite existence. Your average Peterborough man really is something. Thick, and full of s**t. “Alright boy”

We moved into a wonderful street full of many colourful nasty characters and within 2 months our car had Β£500.00 worth of damage done to it and we were pulling our hair out, working out how to move asp. Because we were not from this metropolis of opportunity, we were treated like s**t by people. They tend to just stare at you in a very aggressive way like you just spat at them. Oh and for gods sake do not park in their parking space, even though there are none designated as that will end in a knock on the door and again a load of abuse.

They are so petty it’s ridiculous and they concern themselves with minor bollox that the rest of us would not, as we are too busy living. Take a trip into the town centre and its like walking onto the set of the Walking dead. Every manner of inbred mutant adorns the streets. I have never seen so many mobility scooters and the amount of obesity on display is staggering. Try holding a door open for someone and marvel at the response from the array of illiterate zombies on display, you might get a grunt if your lucky.

The benefit office is the busiest spot in town, everyone claiming there little slice of the tax payers money because why should they work when they can piss it all away in one of the many s**t hole pubs of which there are many.

Avoid the dual carriageways in Peterborough, there are loads of them and once you get on there you may be stuck on them for days. You might even end up in Dogsthorpe. Who the f**k named these places.

The local school was an eye opener again, a clique of nasty locals who have not one polite word to say to you.

Then there’s the accent. WTF are they on about. It’s a cross between a farmer who has been lobotomised and someone who has no muscles connecting their lower jaw to the their skull. “Alright me duck”? What?

The council seems to spend its money on crap. Like the water fountains in the town square. Actually there not so much water fountains as a load of hosepipes buried in the ground the go off now and again. “A water display to equal any in Europe” the mayor said. He has obviously never been to Europe.

The housing estates first built in the 70’s are everywhere. Real dumps with unsavoury underpasses at every turn, full of JD sports wearing people who would rather do nothing than a hard days work but blame the immigrants for taking their jobs. Lazy f*ckers.

The place is also overrun by Eastern European migrants to the point where whole parts of the town have been taken over completely and turned into ghettos again adding a wonderful vibe to this playground of opportunity.

I read a quote someone posted a while back about Peterborough which said “The tendrils of fen depression” that pretty much encapsulates this place.
Peterborough is the worst place I have ever lived and in hindsight, I would never of moved there, it was a depressing stressful period of our life and not one I would wish to repeat.

Everyday was a nightmare and its due mainly to the people who live there. They are horrible, nasty, small minded, self righteous, deluded, inbred mutants and I hate them all. The place is about 20 years behind the rest of the UK. They are negative about life, they don’t get it at all, there’s no joy, good manners or respect for others. A bunch of retards.

I am sure there are worst places than Peterborough out there but this place is special……Do not live there. At points I did think, maybe it’s me but it’s not. I now live in a new town where the people are nice, everyone is busy living and getting on in a positive way, minding there own business and after seeing the difference, it illustrates even more just what an awful weird town that is.

F*ck Peterborough and all it stands for. S******e.

  • Sunny Hendrix

    You are a horrible person. Please can I have an email address or something so I can contact you. It’s very easy to post something like this online and feel very full and proud of yourself, so if you think you’re so ‘it’ then why not let us ‘backwards’ Peterborians tell you what we think?

  • Michael Chambers

    What a total prick – but mate, I should tell you – Peterborough is a city and not a town,

  • Alyssa

    So were is this wonderful place that you live now?
    Some of what you describe is true but then some of it is over the top, like taring us all with the same brush!! FFS! were not all nasty doll dossing scum bags!
    I have visited other city’s in England and to be honest there aint much better. Good and bad where ever you go. A lot of the estates that was built in the 70’s in my opinion were a bad design layout! There are nice places to live in Peterborough if you bothered enough to look for them and yes a lot of sh8t hole places and ghetto type places. I liked Cathedral square as it was before these fountains, they had bricked edged flower and bushes with benches around them and a decent Christmas tree at Christmas time. Night life does need improving with proper clubs like you get out of town I mean proper rave clubs playing House and Techno and Trance instead of the crap we get today. Yeah I do travel and I have lived in the area for 42 years! Born in Peterborough raised up in a small town outside of it and then moved to live in the surrounding areas and I have travelled around the country and abroad πŸ˜›

  • Darren Bennett

    One wonders what sort of small minded and depressing individual would encounter such misery in any town or city in the UK. I think that probably says all that needs to be said about the author. Like attracts like!

  • Zainab Ahmed

    I know there aren’t any comments and this piece was probably written months ago, but as a Peterborian, I feel the need to express my concern for some of the points raised in this article.

    To be clear, I agree to an extent that Peterborough, at first glance, isn’t the most beautiful or glamorous city. It’s small, grey and nothing extremely exciting often happens. In fact, you’d be lucky to catch an amazing show or festival, or ever find yourself dazzled by all the bright lights of a beaming city, overwhelmed by all the options on what to do on a ‘fun night out.’ But to epitomise it as ‘the tendrils of fen depression’ is utterly ridiculous and nothing short of an exaggeration.

    I know plenty of people who enjoy Peterborough, and I truly believe there are bright spots that the writer unfortunately missed. For me, Peterborough is my home, so perhaps I am a little (a lot) bias. I love Peterborough for its often glum and gloomy days, and for being a little less than eccentric than the rest of the world. Although I also don’t believe there are many places in Britain where you’d find such a rainbow of cultures as you would find in Peterborough. I can walk down the street and find a Lithuanian bakery on the same street as a Pakistani clothes store opposite a Polish-run phone shop. The beauty of multiculturalism is not absent here.

    More than this, Peterborough is like any other place- it has a host of good characters and ‘bad’. I feel that the writer had an unfortunate incidence of being around those who possibly were not so cheery or kind, but to generalise this attitude and state that ‘they are horrible, nasty, small minded, self righteous, deluded, inbred mutants and I hate them all’ sounds extremely bitter, and much like the beginning of a childish tantrum. I know plenty of people who are kind, and do good on a day to day basis. I don’t feel the need to expand, because this is a general rule for any place that you visit.

    Overall, I feel that this post is laden with exaggerated negativities, and whilst I hope the writer is happier in the new place they are currently living in, I ask that they open their mind and heart to the beauty and kindness in Peterborough- which might seem impossible, but I assure you, most definitely exists.

    P.S. I also wouldn’t claim we are living a ‘sh*te existence’. Most people are working class and the reason we have so many immigrants and migrants is because we have a myriad of opportunities for everybody to set up business and make a living. I also don’t know anybody, and have never met any Peterborian who has said ‘Alright me duck?’, perhaps that’s just me. Anyhow, I hope you are happier, and if ever you decide to visit Peterborough again, I hope it is a much more pleasant experience.

  • James

    I’d love to know where you lived before. Claim to be open minded and cultured yet hugely racist to migrants, and you opionion of the housing suggests you moved from a more affluent area, yet you moved to an estate is a so called ‘deprived’ area. Perhaps people look at you in a strange way and treat you badly because it turns out you’re the c***ts

  • Lena x

    You may be right about the rest. I was born there but left as a kid. Some of my relatives still their seem to agree with you.

  • Lena x

    Um, Britain IS part of Europe.

  • Lee Mason

    I’ll save anyone the hassle.

    “Someone was such a miserable prick that they never made a single friend in a city they had reluctantly moved to.”

  • Conner O’brien

    Not everyone in Peterborough is aggressive, there are loads of good people. They’re just hard to find amongst all the c*nts. Every city has their bad and aggressive citizens. Yeh we’re not a nice city but there are many places that are worse

  • Chase

    Good bye bye β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘ŒπŸΌyou are as welcome as a turd in a swimming pool with that attitude, please have the balls to come to one of our “sh*thole” pubs and voice your opinion, instead of being a keyboard warrior. The problem actually isn’t Peterborough the problem is so obviously you! You must have been mixing with the wrong types..which exsist is all Cities, I’m no dole dosser I work hard for my money, I’m well educated & well travelled & have lived here all of my life. You probably have a party sausage for a willy & you’re just mad at the world 😊 you call this town & its people negative when all you’ve said is negative πŸ€” Good riddance (which in Peterborough is a nice way of saying f*ck off) πŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌ

  • Josephine Bloggs

    I am a university student originally from the Cotswolds and uphold a pretty high standard when it comes to visiting new places.

    My boyfriend, who is also at university, is originally from Peterborough. When I planned to visit him and his family, I was told by a few people that ‘Peterborough is a s**t hole’, although they didn’t go to town on it as you have here. But ultimately, my expectations were fairly low.

    In the week I spent there, I like to think I got to know the city (not town, as you have mistakenly described it) well, exploring various parts, including the housing estates or ‘dumps’ as you so elegantly put it. I don’t know which rock you’ve been living under your whole life, but nearly, if not all cities have ‘dumps’ in or around them.

    I was not ‘treated like sh*t’, I did not receive a ‘load of abuse’ from glancing at someone, or meet any ‘retards’ (sadly for me, as I’m sure there are some lovely mentally disabled people living in Peterborough).

    The Cotswolds (my home) are a popular place for tourists and a beautiful area of England. Most people pay hundreds to spend time there, but I will save you the trouble of a wasted trip by warning you there are many Eastern Europeans living there! And I wouldn’t want to see you ridicule yourself by writing another review like this for the Cotswolds.

    When you say you ‘hate them all’, do you hate the life-saving doctors from Peterborough, the firefighters and the police men protecting you from all the ‘horrible, nasty, small minded, self righteous, deluded, inbred mutants’. How about my boyfriend’s 10 year old brother who doesn’t even know what those wo

    If anyone is small-minded, self righteous or deluded it’s you. I suggest you don’t return to Peterborough as all the things you claim happened to you probably will, as according to you Peterborians have a sixth sense when it comes to ‘outsiders’ – I can only assume they’ll know instantly who wrote this post.

    FYI, ‘alright me duck’ is NOT said in Peterborough, it’s a Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire term. Any of my Peterborian friends can confirm that for you, if you dare to talk to them for fear of being attacked.

  • James Butlin

    I don’t think you were in Peterborough if you think they all say “alright me duck”. That’s a very northern saying and nothing like the Peterborough accent.. πŸ˜‚.

    Also, you clearly lived in bad areas in Peterborough for the damage to have happened to your car, that could happen in any city if you live in the rougher neighbourhoods..

    Since you were going around thinking that people looked like inbred mutants and judging them all based on their appearance.. I’d say that maybe you were the problem, not them? You do seem to come across like a complete and utter ar*ehole.

  • Carlos Collis

    what the hell is this person on,so many wrong points I could mention. you can travel to many places on the parkways with no problems dogsthorpe is not one of them. the fountains are a waste but not like this person says they are.. shops are ok but more to shopping in life. you sound rather narrow minded and slightly racist. you never said what part of Peterborough you lived in.or how long you were here where you were from or where you moved to, I never been to the benefits office as I work hard. not all people are rude I hold doors open for people. I could go on but I have a life and a job to go to.

  • Richard

    I worked in Peterborough town center for a few years and totally agree with all of the above, it was a long commute but that grind was so much better than moving there. However I now live in west Cornwall which, despite its natural beauty, makes P’boro seem like a beacon of diversity and cosmopolitan living.

  • Rin Okumura

    Well hello rude son of a bitch let’s clear something right f*cking up, whilst there is a lot of people like what you said there is also a lot that isn’t like that at all, yes I was born here and it has gone down hill but to get away from here you need money something that is extremely difficult to come across when all the businesses now require you to have had some sort of experience, so that’s a reason for a rather large some of people going to the job center, whilst you are right with the fact that their is literally nothing here people have families here which is why so many people are reluctant to leave. Yes there is many problems with Peterborough but frankly the behaviour that you from a lot of peopleis due to the way things are here, and yes I want to leave but also saying that everything I have is here like family and friends moving away for me would honestly be a waste of time.
    Oh and you comments about the eastern European lot is very valid as it is honestly the reason why so many people voted leave in Brexit as they do cause many problems here.

  • Jordan Mills

    There’s the odd valid point, but I think it’s very over the top, the writer had a bad experience with a few people and wanted take it out on every single person that lives in Peterborough by massively over exaggerating. Also, if they are an actual writer then they need a career change, because the whole article was just pure grammar and spelling mistakes.

  • Stuart

    So glad that a knobhead like you left Peterborough, you obviously didn’t venture outside of Peterborough either

  • Donna

    Think this person is the one with the problem, my family have lived in Peterborough for many years dating back 50s maybe back more, we look after each other and look out for one another, yes there is the rough parts, but all places have the ruff parts, there crime in every town/city we are no different. Just because our shopping centre is not as big as other places and we haven’t got as many shops but so what. All town have beggers and drunks, but that has been stamped on. I just think that person is to posh and expects things to fall in her lap and live like a millionaire, should go live abroad where it my be better for her. Because there is nothing wrong with Peterborough we are all happy, people got jobs, their own homes, make money, don’t dress in just sports and soccer clothes. Really pleased she moved away as we don’t want her in Peterborough.

  • Amanda Turner

    Wow, for someone with so much vile hatred in their heart it’s not surprising that no one liked you