Peterborough – the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

CambridgeshireEast Anglia

To start with, Peterborough is located in Cambridgeshire. as with every other town in cambridgeshie, peterborough is 100% ******** with *****, foreigners and travellers. there are many parts of Peterborough, and each part has different species of ****. there is the Welland area, which only one English person lives there. everyone else is either portuguese or albanian or bosnian. ***** engulf this place by day and night, and hang near the Welland Primary School. a second place of peterborough is Werrington. round this place people are constantly in fear of the ‘Players Crew’, who think it is highly hilarious to torch cars and burn themselves in the process. this **** gang hang around werrington centre, smoking weed every day and terrorising the innocent folk of werrington. thirdly, there is Walton, the area in which the lovely council street belongs to. every single day a copper is called down to this road, because someones either done is wife in with a hammer or got caught giving five year old kids marajuana. (actualy i’m exaggerating there – they are probably under 3) there are houses set on fire regularly, and there isnt a single front window intact down the whole street.
also there is gunthorpe, dogsthorpe and the ortons. these are overrun with travellers, who are all *******, rather like the bretton area, with everyone there ****** as well. paston is probably the biggest dump in the world, closely followed by Orton Goldhay. these both have drugs in the hands of kids every night – kids of parents who are too god damn lazy to get off their fat arses and would rather have a dozen kids to work for them and get paid hundreds of thousands in benefits which WE pay for.
if you head closer into town, with areas such as millfield, new england(cough) and westwood, you will see more foreigners than you will have ever saw in your life. they say new england- if i was mayor i would change it to new pakistan. that is the same with westwood and millfield. there are about 2 churches in the whole of the city centre, yet there are 4 mosques!!! wot the hell is happening here???
if you slowly move out of the centre, you will find fletton, which is plagued by more foreigners, this time italians.

if any of you think this is harsh, remember i was born and bred in peterborough, and these are my personal views and the truth. DO NOT VISIT PETERBOROUGH!!!

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