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I unfortunately was born and bred in Pershore. The reason it is so very chav is that it neighbours king of all chav towns – Evesham. In fact, half of the chavs (or ‘Kevs’) in Evesham have driven from Pershore in their ‘kev-ed up’ dream machines. Usually these are H – G reg escorts, novas, fiesta – occasionally peugeot 106s but the best by far is my friend’s silver bmw (E reg) with gold alloys and speakers worth more than the car. Nice.

You can spot a chav house by the ‘England flag’ adornment level. 1 = chav 2= dole scum 3=bnp member etc.

Junior chavs without their drivers licence hang outside ‘leos’, the only supermarket, drinking alcopops and smoking L’n’bs with their prams and pushchairs in tow. Catchphrase ‘what the f**k u looking at?”. I recently walked past the gang ala pushchairs and overheard – “what the f**k is she doing in a suit, ain’t she from pershore?”

As Leos is the only hang out and there arent really any car parks that are empty in the evening the chavs of Pershore are fairly redundant. The only other hang outs are really Abbey Park and their local friendly pot/estacy dealers flat – recognisable by the loud pumping of happy hardcore.

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