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Penrith, on the outside is a wonderfull town on the edge of the lake district, on the inside a crappy small little town full of wanabbe chavs/framers. If you are not a chav or a farmer you are an outsider and feared by the local community due to your normalness (BE WARNED). Most of he chavs hang around the Spar (getting fags etc) and sitting around the local bandstand. When night draws in most can be found in the southend road carpark driving around in their shity little cars with music turned up HIGH. Please note most non-chavs/non-farmers are scarded of the chavs/farmers DO NOT BE due to the fact that they are puffters.

Also if ya dont have the moves of the chav dance you will not be accepted.

Please be warned of ‘The Mary’ otherwise known as ‘The Nicotine Queen’ she looks like a fag (the smoking type) and dresses like a chav however her parents are bible bashers – be warned this girl is dangerous.

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