Penrhyn Bay


Penrhyn Bay is a lonely seaside retirement village, purpose built to house elderly scousers as they head out of the polluting factories and refineries of Merseyside and into their ‘twilight years’. The town has a mourneful feel to it; a shadow of death that seemingly never lifts. Those unfortunate enough to have been born into a Penrhyn Bay household cope in varying ways; plotting their escape or drinking. For the town’s Chav population, the local ‘Somerfield’ outlet has become the center of the baseball-cap community. Local Chavs will recall the story (in their thick North Welsh accents – a delicate mixture of Scouse and alcohol) of how their beloved hang out was aquired from the town’s falling Goth population – many street wars were fought to gain control of the trolley-bay, sought after for its proximity to the store and therefore cheap alcohol and cigarettes. A shrewd trick orchestrated by the Chavic community, the workforce of the ‘Somerfield’ store has been infiltrated by undercover Chavs so that alcohol and tobacco can be sold to their underage bretheren.

Non-Chav strongholds include the Beach Estate and the Redrow – both areas are populated almost entirely by geriatrics and outsiders are treated with extreme suspicion.

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