pennsnet A.K.A snetta land

West Midlands

when i first looked at this site i was very suprised pennsnet wasnt on here!,, let me take you on a tour ,,and u will see why im very supprised

let me start the story by telling you about the far end of pennsnett,,crestwood..all the local ***** and chavetts hang around the crestwood "spar" most people are afraid of going to the spar ,, they all fear  of gettin robbed 4 a fiver,then a bit fearther down is crestwood school,,full of dirty slutts ang ***** who dont care how they get there money from as long as they get it ,,the money probley go towards smack or pott,,but wot can you aspect from a crestwooder!?

on our next part of the tour is the dell park smack bang in the middle of it all,,u cant go down the park with out gettin ur head kicked in by sum local chavz ,,if you look too your right u will the the park it self ,,with no swings (As the ***** recked um) and on your left u will the the shelter coverd in nothing but grafity! most of the graffity have the names ,,ashley beth nicky and chelsea ! u cant look aniwhere without seeying there names on it

How grim is your Postcode?

on our last part of the tour is teild house lane aka scrubber city which holds the famouse pennsnet school of technolagy ohh sorry thats my ffault there name got stripped it was stuch a poor school its now the pennsnet hight school ,,u willl probley find there the regulars;sutch as kelly , samantha,chanel and amba ,,yes those name probley sound familulour u probly saw them on itv news for mudering a helpless boy,,it may be a long time ago since it happend but it did,,thats how mutch respect "snettaz"
have for you !

i end my tour i rember visting my friend in pennsnet i swore i wuld neva foot step there agan!

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