pennington (near lymington)

HampshireSouth East

you’re not londerners, you dont sound like londoners and dear god its not clever speaking in a fake london accent……….

having lived 18 years of my faily short life in croydon you’d think i’d be used to the s**m which is c**v, but no pennington (considering its population consists of about 25 people, a few horses and a strange half human half ogre creature known only as ‘mutley’) half these little kaka’s think they are living in south east london. their fake london accents really grate against me as they sound like a bunch of farmers who think there part of the cast of eastenders using a weird hybrid of west country and mockney accents. most of these little twats are under 18 yet some how manage to get there cheap (and fake) little ben sherman, burberry hat with jeans and shoes wearing a*s’es into my local, the sportsmans, where they congramate round the pool table not actually playing it (its 60p for f***s sake there parents giro’s dont strech that far) but eyeball you if you dare make an atempt to have a game yourself or if they are actually playing on the bloody table (which is hardly ever) and after 2 stellas they end up beating each other up because one of them wrote the other was gay on the blackboard used to keep score (ah, such humor!), in fact one of the most shameful moments of my life happened in this pub when in the pub quiz a team of c***s actually won and forced us into 2nd place, how did this happen???? somthing suspicious definitley was going on considering half of them spend all day in / outside one stop instead of going to school looking after their own little chavmites (is it ‘cool’ to be pregnant at 14? or has the sex laws been changed in this little town?) calling us civilised folk “caaaahnts!!!” for not lending them 3 quid (do i know you?, no, am i ever going to get this money back?, course not). the other fun c**v pass time is to chuck things at ‘mutley’ and in the poor unfortunate little drunks state he has no chance of defending himself, c***s like these have a place in urbanised citys like croydon but when they start spilling over into small villages/towns like this i think the police should have legal right to taser these little hooligans on site……….

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