West Midlands

This place is a killer. Go there early evening of a weekend and you can see about 30 ***** sitting on benches and at a bus shelter. This is the highlight of their lives, thats all they do.

Remember those two lads called Kris Kross? Well it’s like seeing replicas of them, they have baggy tracksuit bottoms on, the usual burberry caps, shout abuse at passing people and spit on the floor all night because it’s COOL.

The leader of the clan is the 15 year old waide boy who visited the half price jewellers in Walsall at the weekend and bought a 3oz chepo gold chain thats too heavy for his neck.

How grim is your Postcode?

The posh ones have vauxhall nova’s that often dont reach the 40mph speed limit without breaking down with their 50 yard vibe subwoofers and their 16″ alloys that dont fit the car and catch on the wheel arches let alone being worth more than the car.

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