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When i moved into penkridge over 15 years ago it was a great little place really friendly with loads of pubs full of occasionally slightly tipsy but wonderful people now its a meca for the c**v s**m of the area and their everywhere and ahh joy what a brilliant day it is i can hardly contain my excitement at the reopening of that c**v hang out the boat after its closer some weeks back no doubt to be completely fumigated after its said c***s invasion a year or so ago had totally wrecked what was once a lovely little pub now all the lowlife c***s will return to canal side like the rodents they are, invading the wharf and plaguing its decent residents again who will have to endure the jingling of their cheap jewellery and even cheaper alcohol. The centre fairs little better with jobless c***s in their trainers and casual wear (shirt and tie is an insult to them far worse then any they dole out on a regular basis to anyone who walks past and god forbid does not resemble them) their jobless hoards now being bolstered by a new crop of thirty something born and bred in the village s**m who manfully take up the ranks in the c**v pubs that now litter penkridge, the only good thing about the c**v pubs is that it gets all the c***s in one place at the same time and let me think, not long now to bonfire night, that gives me a wicked thought have a guess what it is???

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