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Pencoed near Bridgend in South Wales….a festering bile spot on the outskirts of Bridgend spawning second and third generation dole bums for the good of mankind

I had the disadvantage of stumbling upon Pencoed some time ago and i have to say that nothing changes. On ‘dole day’ you can view all the single mothers and drunken bums scurrying to the local Post Office to cash their giro’s, then for the girls its off to Bridgend to buy rancid chic in the cheap shops in Bridgend for their night out on the pull the following weekend and to find the father of their next child….and for the blokes its off to the pub or the local industrial estates to ‘burn rubber’ in their sooped up corsa’s or other disembowelled chunk of metal which is sure to pull the local chavette (child/ren in tow) if they drive fast enough or if their exhaust makes a tidy grunt.

You can almost guarantee that the chavettes from Pencoed are saggy from their fifth child and have spent their weeks money on a new tattoo, preferably their name on the arm so they remember how to spell it or even more tacky, their kids child on their shoulder or back so they dont forget about them when Social Services call.

The council estates fester the newly spawned families who continue to follow in their parents footsteps and realise that its much easier to stay on benefits and get everything for free than it is to go out and work for a living and the school playgrounds in the morning are always one full of these bums with a 100 kids, discussing their party fuelled weekends whilst their kids drag their hole filled shoes across the yard but it doesnt matter does it….cos the school uniform grant will pay for new AGAIN!!!!! whilst the mothers walk around in VON BITCH t-shirts and the blokes have vest tops in the middle of winter.

One good thing i have to say about Pencoed is the takeaways, you cant beat the fish ‘n’ chip shop opposite HSBC and the Indian is just as good.

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