As you enter this little village, you will notice the **** bags outside the local co-op, a bit further up the street you will see them sitting in the bus stand, and if you look over the road at the community center, yea you guessed it more of the little bastards, the whole front street has been taken over by them, these little freaks, think there hard to attack innocent bypassers in there big group of no less than 10 of them and at the same time, still use whatever weapons they can get there hands on, you might get lucky and they will ask you to go in the shop for the,, in which case you will be greeted with cheers m8, when you return with there drink, or you could be asked if you would lend them a smoke, again saving you from a beating, now if you venture more into this village, you will find a old railway line, converted into a walkway which is not safe to use after 6pm, when more of the ******* are infesting it, same goes with a big playing field further into the village that also becomes ********. The sad thing about Pelton is the charvers progress, into something more sinster smackheads, yeah, just about all the charvers from previous years somehow manage to turn into one, Pelton has over 50 users and thats a fact, almost certainly one dies each year from a herion overdose. Avoid this village like the plague cause in the long run it might just save your life.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2020