Parrbados – Home of The P.C.M

Situated in St Helens in between liverpool and manchester, kind of like an no mans land in between the two .
Welcome to Parr, home of the P.C.M (Thats the Parr crew masive for all that didn’t know) were stabbings,muggings,and eggings are a daily ritual and cars with no wheels are the norm and ones with wheels are probably stolen .
Parr consists of 3 main areas ‘derby hill’ ‘ashy-green’ and ‘cement city’ all equally god forsaken and miserable.
The attire that is worn in parr by both young and old alike is the age old lacoste trackie with manky white football socks or fake named socks ( bought of the market for a pound a pair – bargain) tucked into ‘rockkies’ that are two sizes too big .
Baseball caps worn peak up an two sizes too small, neck warmers and age old black duffle coats, the girls, well theyre pretty much the same but without the hats.
One main high school – St Cuthberts is the poor establishment that has the unfortunate task of trying to ‘educate’ these poor lost souls, however once the lil ***** and ********* leave this establishment either at 16 or sooner due to expulsion, they head straight for the back of the dole queue.
Ambition and work is a swear word in Parr and self drive is something they think you would find on a car . There is a few exeptions to this as some people with an ounce of decency and self respect do actually want to get out of this place , but find themselves ostracised by other *****.
Friday,Saturday, and Sunday ( now increasing to all week nights)consists of gettin blitzed, wired and smashed over a lovely piece of greenery called the duckery or the flash.
White Star cider bought from the co-op and squarin up over whos got the biggest of weed or who can M.C ( or waffle on) is a regular occurance.
Full scale riots are however, rare in Parr,exept when the scruffy lil ******** from Beth Ave have the cheek to walk in to Parr, as ‘Parrer’s’ as they are known are very territorial and would gladly ‘ **** the livin ****’ out of one of these ‘scruffs’ anyday.
However the one saving grace about Parr and the lil ***** that run the place is that they are actually not a bad bunch, they may fight each other but when it comes down to it they’re brothers for life.
They may look intimidating but they can actually be quite respectfull to elderly people and kids ( exept for the poor soul known as ‘german’ who is
abused quite frequently ) well theres nothin else that can be said about them exept " we are the Parr crew masive , and we come from far away! " and " if it wasn’t for the Parr Crew were would u be ?"

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