park Farm ( AShford)

THEre is a big complex called park farm in ashford kent there is a tesco and 1 park for about 30,000 house’s with this the people that sold the houses to young couples with 10 year old brats, lived there at first….. now 4 years later there are about 1000 ***** in this place all 14/15 they have nothing better to do than sit in a park that was made for ******* 12 year olds. the olny things they can come up with and is so called “fun” would be to burn bin’s down now when there are no bin’s left beacuse the government cant be fuckd to repace them. There for the ****’s get in to there group’s of about 40 to 50 a group and stand around tesco’s beating up any 1 that looks yonger than 20 as u can imagin there is more than enough weed & beer there that u could start another stanhope(concil hosues fill of pikes and *****) how when there are about 5 groups or 40/50 people things get smashed and people call the police now when u see tons of ***** runin from 2 police its pritty funny i though they were serposed to be ARD but they run like kosivans to a kabab house. and i dont see wat the big puffy clothes are about and the ******** looking hats

The populare spots for the ***** are Tesco’s benches, The benches on an island surrounded a mote( near the park), the benches in and around the park, and the feild across the road from tesco’s is a nice little area we grebos like to call no mans land witch would be a pritty big filed with about 7 benches next to each other and to top it all off all the lights around the park have been smashed, so no lights ( u know how ****’s hate the light).


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