Paignton and the tail of Torbay Road

DevonSouth West

Paignton, a nice tranquil seaside town in the south west of england. The part of england which is ment to be a quiet place for the young and elderly to enjoy a seaside holiday but how can this happen when the lowlifes known as ***** plague the area like a disease. By day you may only see the hardcore **** down torbay road, drunk by 10 in the morning and staggering from one gambling machine to the next learning every sequence possible, but after 3.30pm the minors begin 2 decend from the local school like a swarm of smurfs they slowly transform into a burberry cap wearing community nucance. (The higher the angle of the hat the more respect given from fellow *****.) Most people see all “boy racers” as *****, but this isnt true. Its the likes of the £100 nova owners that see the roads as a race track with there drain pipe exhausts, scrapyard paint job and ugly “bird” seat warmer that give any young driver a bad name. These ***** “lucky” enough to have a car are often followed around but an even worse group of mobile *****. These are the ones that have a hairdrier with wheels, yep the scooter ****, the “fastest” of them all. They think they have a motorbike between their legs but really its a jumped up lawnmower (but a **** will have more spare blades than a lawnmower) and there is always that one that is slightly older with a scrambler, the bike that does 0 – 60mph in exactly 1 calender month, down hill, with a tail wind and a very small rider. The favored place for food for this species is papas or yankees, not usually eatten though but thrown at people that are better off than them innocently driving down torbay road. Paigntons night life has dried up over the years as the ***** have given the pubs and clubs in close proximity a bad reputation.

Why has this culture become such a growing trend? Do these fake burberry clad **** not realise that the whole country is laughing at them.

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